ear loop machine

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    Main screen function introduction


    Indicates the current setting frequency

    and speed of the needle spindle motor.


    Indicates the current roller motor

    setting frequency and speed.


    It indicates the actual temperature of

    the current setting. If the setting enabling function heating is disabled, the display is

    0 or 888.


    Represents the current line speed,

    which is related to the roller motor parameter settings. According to the

    user-defined settings, it is only used for indication.



















    The parking mode can be selected manually or regularly, Themanual modeindicates that the stop state needs to be stopped manually by pressing the stop key Thetiming modecan set the planned time accordingly. When the running time reaches the set time, the machine will stop automatically. Press It can clear the running time 1-6 By pressing or pressing +, – to adjust the machine running speed, the speed of needle spindle and roller motor increases and decreases synchronously. 1-7 Enter the process configuration setting interface

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