Winding machine

As a new generation of energy-saving motors, it is ubiquitous in new energy products! Whether it is a servo motor or a brushless motor, since the great progress in power and control in recent years, the products are more and more widely used.

The most widely used brushless motor is electric vehicles. The disc-type in-wheel motor it uses has been developed for several generations, and it has made great progress in terms of speed and efficiency.

What we want to introduce here is the winding equipment of brushless motor.

In the past, brushless motors were mainly artificially embedded in my country, with slow speed and low output. Due to human factors, the products were uneven. Quality is also difficult to control.

In recent years, equipment specially designed to deal with automatic winding has emerged as the times require, and the one mentioned in this article is such a device

Take winding outer diameter of 120MM, inner diameter of 80, and stack height of 25MM as an example

A double-station winding machine can process and produce about 450 coils in ten hours a day, which is about ten times faster than that of manual labor, which can produce up to 40 coils per day. And the products produced are of high quality and fast. Beautiful, high yield, uniform standards. Suitable for high-volume production and processing plants

Here is a comparison of the two spindles:

This is a finished product, with a high full slot rate. Fine-tuning the machine equipment can make the wire arrangement neater. Before winding, this is a 9-slot spindle. There are also semi-finished products with 12-slots. There is no spindle with an outer diameter of 12. Product example Automatic double-station automatic winding machine The basic parameters of this equipment: multi-function CNC control, touch screen display input, domestically developed special program for winding operation, not affected by width and wire diameter errors, 4 working axes Arrange the wires separately and wind them at the same time, with high efficiency and a pass rate of more than 98%.

Post time: Mar-16-2022