Maintenance method of rewinder equipment

In the operation process, the rewinder must be standardized and practical by professional and stable staff to flexibly use the operation, bag making procedures, learn and train simple instruments and equipment, and change the parameter configuration.
Because the relevant parameter configuration of the rewinding mechanical facility must be investigated for common faults in the work, it is necessary to take action to carry out daily cleaning and maintenance. What is the basic cleaning of the rewinder?
1. When the rewinder is shut down, the precise measuring member must be cleaned immediately. For example, if the packaging is sugar, salt, etc., it is necessary to ensure that the opening tray and roulette are cleaned in each shift, so that even if the machinery and equipment are used for a long time, they will not be corroded.
2. For the heat sealer body, it should be cleaned frequently, which is also to ensure the clear lines of the sealing of the rewinder.
3. The color mark sensor on the rewinder should also be cleaned regularly to ensure that the mouse cursor tracking error is not easy to increase.
4. Workers must immediately remove the raw materials scattered on the material to prevent damage to the machinery and equipment.
5. Remember to clean up the dust in the electric control cabinet on time. In order to avoid poor contact, the new rewinder must be regularly inspected and tightened the theme moving parts within a week of application, and refueled maintenance.
Basic maintenance of the rewinder:
1. Regularly maintain the regular inspection of the machine, and check the screws in each position of the automatic packaging machine to prevent loosening.
2. The rewinder should also pay attention to moisture-proof, waterproof, anti-corrosion, fly-proof and other issues. The electrical control cabinet and terminal block should be kept clean.
3. Oil and lubricate at the occlusion of the transmission gear teeth of the rewinder, the oil injection hole of the bearing with a seat and the fitness movement components on time to prevent common failures.
Performance characteristics:
1. The rewinder adopts PC operation or manual intervention, the performance is relatively reliable, and the overall automation technology is high.
2. It can also lock the pre-programmed processing technology, so that the control staff cannot change it privately, thereby ensuring the quality of the pressed product.
3. The rewinding machine also has the functions of timely ejection, automatic deflation, and automatic pressure.
4. There are three practical operation modes to choose from: manual, automatic and electric.
In our daily life, the rewinding machine equipment is suitable for medical supplies, medical supplies, artworks, hydraulic seals for small toys, conductive adhesives, rubber parts for vehicles, rubber parts for industrial production, silicone products for diagnosis and treatment, fitness equipment, various Manufacturing, production and processing of complex silicone materials and rubber accessories such as sample utensils, double-layer mold shell products, etc. You usually still have to maintain more and more, pay attention to maintenance. No matter in any field, we must pay attention to the maintenance of the rewinder, and all the little details cannot be missed.

Post time: Apr-15-2022